[LIMITED EDITION] KOKUYU TA-DM4500-08L Dotliner Compact Tape Glue 8.4mm X 11m (REFILLABLE)

    Product details of [LIMITED EDITION] Kokuyo Dotliner Compact Tape Glue 8.4mm X 11m (REFILLABLE) Limited design with patterns on the tape for the new Dotliner Compact series. Kokuyo's widely popular permanent adhesive - the Dotliner - is a no-mess adhesive, perfect for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, envelopes, and other paper projects. Glue is still visible after application (so you can adhere your materials accurately) - but dries clear. 

    • The most user friendly glue tape
    • Save time,without waiting for dry and do not pollute hand
    • Since it can stick firmly without wrinkle
    • easy to carry
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    Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Drafting Pencil -0.3/0.5/0.7/0.9mm

    Suitable not only for droughting and professional use, but also for general writing. Stylish and functional designed body. Features 4mm retractable sleeve, dual (metal
    and rubber), metal clipand adjustable lead grade indicator. Contains 3 leads.
    Uses 0.3mm (PG1013) / 0.5mm (PG1015) / 0.7mm (PG1017) / 0.9mm (PG1019) lead.


    Quality auto pencil with stippled brushed metal grip
    4mm sleeve to protect lead
    Lead grade indicator
    0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm nib
    Superior drafting pencil for professionals and enthusiasts
    Easily identify your lead type with the built-in lead hardness indicator
    Dual-action retractor advances lead and retracts pencil tip to protect lead from breaking
    Finely chiseled metallic grip inlaid with soft, latex-free pads
    Pentel Super Hi-Polymer lead is equivalent to a wood case pencil, guaranteed to scan on tests, resists breaking and never needs sharpening

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    Pentel XPP505 Orenz Anti-Breaking Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm

    With the Pentel Orenz, you can write for three times as long between clicks as you can with a normal pencil! The Orenz also protects your leads from breaking, saving you from smudging, wasted lead, and frustration.

    Its great performance is due to the pencil's innovative Orenz mechanism. The guide pipe protects the entire length of the lead, and you write without extending the lead out of the guide pipe, which glides right along the surface of the paper. Since it has rounded edges, the guide pipe doesn't catch on the paper or scratch it. As you write, the guide pipe gets shorter. When you need more lead, just click the top button as you would with any other mechanical pencil. The guide pipe will extend again, along with the lead inside.

    Because there's no lead breakage, your papers remain clean without smudges from broken lead dust. You can also retract the guide pipe so it doesn't poke you or your belongings when you've stowed the pencil away.

    This pencil features a fun, fresh body color inspired by mint gelato!

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    KING JIM 2980 OTONA Seal Collection (20 POCKETS)

    This file from King Jim is great for organizing your sticker sheets collection! The file comes with 20 pockets to put sticker sheets. Also it comes with 2 small "to-go stickers mini sheets" made of sticker release sheets so that you can put some of the stickers to this mini sheet to carry around with your planner if you do not have enough space in your bag to carry the whole folder.

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    New Product Launch of Campus Series~

    ✨✨✨choi+ sticker✨✨✨

    ▪️To extend your notes by sticking printout and note paper beside pages of your notebook and diary

    ▪️Suitable for both study and work

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    Kokuyo KESHI-U750 Kadokeshi 28-Edges Plastic Eraser - Small - Pack Of 2
    • Get the eraser that won the Kokuyo Design Award of 2002!  A normal eraser has eight corners, but this new eraser from Japan has 28!   An ingenious design that will please all stationery fanatics.  Never be without an eraser corner again! 
    • This eraser is latex-free and phthalate-free.
    • This funky looking eraser is actually very practical!
    • With 28 corners in one eraser, you never have to worry about running out of a corner to get at those tiny, hard to reach spots.
    • While we were testing this eraser, we noticed the corners wore down rather quickly though, and the eraser was more effective after the corner had worn down.
    • However, it erases cleanly with no smearing, and even when worn, the area it covers is still quite small.
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    KING JIM 4th Collection Kitta Washi Tape BASIC (10 SHEETS X 4 Design)
    • Great for adding fun accents to planners, scrapbooks, and even office supplies and party decor, this washi tape is pre-cut into convenient strips for quick and easy application.
    • The strips come in a compact matchbook-style booklet that's easy to stow away in a purse or planner pocket.
    • To use a strip, simply peel it off from the booklet, remove the backing from the strip, and stick the tape where you want it. The tape is removable and re-stickable, so you can adjust or reuse the strips whenever you want.
    • 10 sheets per design.
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    PILOT PINTOR Marker(Pigment Ink) FINE 1.0mm
    • Unleash your imagination!
    • Pilot Pintor expresses your creative talent intensely. Want to relook clothing, personalise an object, customise furniture or decorate dishes? Pilot Pintor brings all your ideas to all materials.

    • Perfect for drawing, colouring, decorating, marking, writing, calligraphy, and more. With its ultra-covering power, this pigment-rich water-based ink covers any surface, even the darkest. Paper, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, fabric... Pilot Pintor decorates all materials, including porous and dark surfaces.

    • Pilot Pintor puts colour everywhere you want it! Available in 24 tones and two tip widths: Fine (1.0 mm) and Medium (1.4 mm). Pilot Pintor is ready for all your decoration, customisation, personalisation, relooking and scrapbooking needs, and more. Results are the colour of your inspiration!
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    Uni Posca Paint Marker PC-3M - Fine Point
    • Uni Posca paint markers use vivid, opaque ink that can write on virtually any surface, including paper, photos, glass, wood, plastic, and metal. The paint ink can be scraped off from nonporous surfaces like glass but adheres permanently to porous surfaces like paper. 
    • It shows up well on both light and dark surfaces, and once dry you can write over it with another Posca marker without smearing or showing through.
    • The ink is water-based, non-toxic, lightfast, and waterproof.
    • To start using the marker, shake it with the cap on so that the ball inside rattles. Then uncap the pen, place the tip on a piece of scratch paper, and press down so that the tip is pushed back into the body of the pen. Press the tip down several times until the ink begins to flow.
    • This pen has an extra fine tip, which produces a line about 1 mm wide.
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