MKP Comb Binding Machine BP-7312 (12 sheets)

MKP Comb Binding Machine BP-7312 (12 sheets)

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A binding machine is a device used to secure papers together. It is a relatively common piece of piece of equipment used in offices and schools.

To bind a document, the user first punches holes in the paper with a specialized hole punch. Pages must be punched a few at a time with these machines. If hard covers are desired, they must be punched as well.

Then the user chooses a spine size that will match the document. Standard sizes are 4.8 mm (3⁄16 in) (for 16 sheets of 20# paper) up to 51 mm (2 in) (for 425 sheets). Spine lengths are generally 280 mm (11 in) to match the length of letter-size paper.

The rings on the spine open and insert into the holes in the page, then rest against the body of the spine, resulting in a closure that can be opened again for making changes to the book.


Punching Capacity :

- 12sheets (80) Paper

- 2sheets (230g) Paper Cover

- 2sheets (0.2mm)PVC Cover


Paper Size : A4

Binding Sheets Capacity : 200 sheets max.

Punch Holes Quantity : 21 holes

Punch Size : 3x8mm

Margin Adjustable :3~6mm

Net Weight : 5.5kg



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