MKP A3 Laminating Machine AX-1133 (Analogue)

MKP A3 Laminating Machine AX-1133 (Analogue)

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The MKP Laminating Machine is designed to give your favorite photos and important documents a permanent seal for long-term protection from damage. It has a clear, professional film that lets content and information show through. This 4-roller laminator is ideal for certificates, signs, artwork, photos, ID badges, luggage tags, business cards and more.


Entry Width : 320 mm

Lamination Thickness : 1mm

Speed : 660mm/min

Ready Time : 4min

Rollers : 4

Display : METER

Temperature : 90'c ~180'c

Reverse : 600 W

Roller Diameter : 26.5mm

Machine Size (mm) :500 x 210 x 100

Weight : 7.5kg


*NO WARRANTY (U can return to us if any manufacturer faulty within a week)

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